A pinch of the South? Makes every meal a delight.

Why always take everything to seriously? Life is so beautiful! And everyday life with a little bit of composure makes even more fun. It is raining? So what! Take off your shoes and dance! Your friends are suddenly standing at the door? No sweat! Your kitchen invites you to improvise and you your visitors to have a meal with you. Mmhh, light-heartedness tastes incredibly great ...

Aquasale Aquasale ensures exactly this lightness in the everyday cuisine

Because the variety of sea salt products bring the authentic and uncomplicated Mediterranean lifestyle on the table and on the plates. This is how Aquasale gives a small pinch full of light-heartedness, enjoyment and sociability every day. Why is that so? Quite simple:

The sea salts from Aquasale are harvested in the salt gardens of the South. The heat of the sun lets the seawater evaporate in the flat saltwater ponds and crystalizes the salt. Carefully processed, a large diversity of sea salts are thus being developed and bring you the lifestyle of the Mediterranean region to your home when cooking and seasoning. No matter whether pasta, Greek and French fish dishes or the Spanish cuisine –Aquasale invites you to creative culinary experiment! Because we think: A pinch of vacation feeling belongs into each meal.

Yet a quick word on quality before you disappear to the oven in spontaneous cooking mood: Of course we only use choice ingredients. In addition, our sea salts are gluten-free, vegetarian as well as vegan and do not contain any preservatives, flavor enhancers or artificial flavors. And apart from that we deny nanotechnology* on principle. No wonder that Aquasale is the most popular sea salt in Germany.

* Nanotechnology is not being used during production of the Aquasale products. Moreover, no anticaking agents for table salts and herbal seasoning salts in nano quality are being used in the process.


Certificate According to the EC Organic Regulation for Salt with Herbs and Spices (valid until 1/31/2021).​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Nature quite simply has the best ideas

Sea Salt Did you know that one liter of seawater contains about 30 grams of salt?

Wind and sun don't know this anyway but the valuable sea salt is being produced thanks to their natural interaction. Mankind has already utilized this process since thousands of years now – sea salt belongs to the cultural heritage of mankind. Sounds like a lesson in history? Correct. But not at all boring! Since sea salt also is an integral part of modern cuisine and provides for Mediterranean lightness.

The following happens before the sea salt induces a pinch of Mediterranean temperament into your meal: With the sun gaining power between April and May, the salt farmers of the South discharge seawater into shallow basins. As the months go by, the water evaporates in the salt gardens, salt concentration increases and salt crystals form which would normally be harvested until end of September. The growing crystals sink to the ground and on the surface the valuable Fleur de Sel is being produced during particularly hot and windy days – the "Salt Flower" with its fin crystal structure. Yes, we admit: Also we as sea salt connoisseurs find this fascinating time and again.