Our Mediterranean Salts

Coarse Sea Salt in the Bag The Coarse Sea Salt is for fine delicacies, 1 kg bag

Coarse Sea Salt in the Bag

Roughly speaking: Something first-rate is put on the table

Coarse sea salt is indispensable for the Mediterranean cuisine. Did you ever cook fish or meat in the salt crust or on the bed of coarse salt? This really is a great experience – not only during dinner but already on preparing it. Coarse sea salt is perfectly suitable to season large meat or fish cuts as it dissolves more slowly than fine salt and, hence, penetrates the roast by and by. Does not only sound very tasty but it is.

What happens before the large bag of sea salt inspires you with great ideas? That is quickly told: At the beginning, the coarse salt crystals grow on the water surface. The larger they grow the further they sink into the deeper layers of the sea salt ponds. They are harvested from the salt gardens as soon as evaporation is completed.

  • The packaging is made of a mono-material, and is recyclable.

  • Our environmental tip: Place empty packaging in the yellow bin. This is the only way to recycle this material.

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