Our Mediterranean Salts

Coarse Sea Salt in the Grinder A pinch of sea – always freshly ground, 100 g grinder

Coarse Sea Salt in the Grinder

A pinch of vacations – freshly ground

Whether in the kitchen or on the table – seasoning with freshly ground sea salt is totally on trend. That's quite understandable and we fill the untreated sea salt crystals into a glass grinder that easily crushes the coarse salt with its high-quality ceramic grinder. For the crackling grinding noise makes your mouth water and makes good spirits!

Whether you are just having a yen for a vegetable stew or your friends go for meat, pasta and dips – you will both give your favorite Mediterranean food and a spontaneous sandwich the necessary pep with a pinch of freshly ground sea salt crystals. Of course the grinder on the table cuts a fine figure on seasoning. What, empty again? But not to worry, it can be refilled.

  • The packaging is refillable and reduces the need for additional packaging materials.

  • Our environmental tip: “Be good to the environment, and reuse me! I am refillable! If you do want to dispose of me: Place the glass in with other glass recycling.”

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