Our Mediterranean Salts

Coarse Sea Salt with organic seaweed in the Grinder Superfood from the sea, 75 g grinder

Coarse Sea Salt with organic seaweed in the Grinder

Super for Foodies: Superfood from the sea

The coarse sea salt with 10 % seaweed from controlled organic cultivation (DE-ÖKO-013) makes everybody happy who just can't get enough. It goes without saying that salt with seaweed is perfect for fish seasoning. Freshly ground, the exceptional mix also adds special seasoning to soups, salads, vegetable dishes and dips. Or how about sprinkling some exotic into the tice or a pinch of vacation feeling over the pasta?

The brown alga Wakame does not only taste wonderfully ocean fresh but is also in esteem as a valuable superfood for many people. The Aquasale sea salt grinder is an invitation to become creative and a must have for all who opt for a healthy diet, focus on organic quality and love modern cuisine.

  • The packaging is refillable and reduces the need for additional packaging materials.

  • Our environmental tip: “Be good to the environment, and reuse me! I am refillable! If you do want to dispose of me: Place the glass in with other glass recycling.”

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