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Fine Sea Salt with Iodine The fine taste of the sea, 500 g package

Fine Sea Salt with Iodine

Relaxed Zest for Life? Just let it Trickle on the Meal.

How good it is that "trickling" is so easy with the fine sea salt from Aquasale – one property actually is the size of the salt crystals. This permits the salt to be ideally dosed and dissolves quickly. This feature is especially practical both when salting pasta, rice and potatoes and seasoning soups and sauces to taste. And it is perfect for the Touch of South in Mediterranean vegetable, meat and fish menus anyway. In a nutshell: The fine sea salt from Aquasale is an absolute allrounder.

And what's the point of iodine in the salt? Quite simple: Cooking with iodine-enriched salt improves iodine intake. Actually, the body cannot produce the trace element iodine itself, however, it is an indispensable element for the thyroid hormones.

  • The paper packaging is made of 100 % of renewable raw materials from sustainable forestry.

  • Our environmental tip: Place empty packaging in with recycled paper.

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