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Fleur de Sel The Fleur de Sel, 125 g glass

Fleur de Sel

Did you already crunch on a queen?

Fleur de Sel is deemed to be Queen of Salt. So, as every good queen should, she wouldn't always show. Fleur de Sel will only form as wafer-thin layer on the surface of the water on very hot, windy days. It is harvested by experienced salt farmers – very carefully by hand as it has been practiced for thousands of years. Flair and a special “lousse” (a type of shovel) help harvesting the Fleur de Sel.

Fleur de Sel is one of the most valuable and very first sea salts and is mainly used as finger and finish salt. This means: Hands off during cooking but take some salt crystals with your fingers from the glass shortly before the meal and sprinkle them over the food. This makes one happy over and over again! Aside from the mild taste, many connoisseurs appreciate both the tender and fine-leaved structure of the crystals and the fascinating and pleasant crackling between the teeth. Some even say that Fleur de Sel tastes of sun, wind and sea. We find: It tastes of Mediterranean zest of life in any case.


  • The packaging is reusable, and the glass is 100 % recyclable.

  • Our environmental tip: Place the glass in with other glass recycling. You can bring the natural cork lid to a recycling center, or give it to a wine shop that collects cork.

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