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Just as a love of the ocean is a natural part of our corporate philosophy, sustainability has always been a component of everything we do. Ultimately, we believe these two goals are inextricably linked. They affect everything ranging from our packaging to eco-efficiency, and our environmental commitment. Would you like to learn more? We are happy to share more about what is important to us with you.

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Packaging From our love of people, and our love of the ocean

There are products that require no packaging at all. Others need to be protected by just the right kind of packaging – like our sea salt. With these products, it is important to optimize packaging with recycling in mind, to help close the materials cycle. This requires developing materials that can be used again and again. Recyclable packaging has been part of our supply chain for many years, and helps to reduce waste.

Our sustainability targets including ensuring all of our packaging is recyclable or reusable. Currently, approximately 90 % of Aquasale sea salt packaging is made of a mono-material that is 100 % recyclable. Over 50 % of the packaging is made of cardboard produced from renewable raw materials, which is recyclable.

Our mission

For the good of future generations, we are taking on responsibility by using sustainable packaging solutions. In doing so, we are supporting and furthering the circular economy, without impacting product protection and product quality.

Our guiding principle

We use paper whenever possible, plastic whenever necessary, and glass when our brand philosophy requires it.

Our packaging targets

By 2025, 100 % of our packaging will be recyclable or reusable.

100 % of the paper we use in primary packaging comes from sustainable forestry. Our outer packaging and the secondary placement units that protect our products on their way to retail stores and help present them on site will still be made from 100 % recycled cardboard.
We only use mono-material packaging, which is packaging made from just one kind of plastic. This plastic is recyclable, and can be used as recycled base material for new plastic packaging. We avoid packaging made of non-recyclable material compositions. We review the potential for using recycled materials whenever possible.
All of our glass packaging is refillable and can be reused. We continue to use glass packaging for premium products.

What we are already doing today

Over 90 % of Aquasale sea salt packaging is made of a mono-material, and is 100 % recyclable.

Over 55 % of our packaging is made of renewable raw materials that come from sustainable forestry.

Our refillable packaging also helps to protect the environment.

What we want to achieve by 2025

100 %
of our packaging will be recyclable or reusable.

All of the paper we use in primary packaging will come from sustainable forestry.

100 % of our plastic packaging will be made solely from a mono-material.

Plastic Bank Aquasale is supporting the fight against poverty, and the fight against plastic in our world's oceans

When humanity first began to understand the interplay between water, wind, and sun, and discovered sea salt, no one knew that one day unimaginable quantities of plastic would be floating in the Earth's oceans. The changing tides are all part of the ocean's natural character – but a plastic tide is not! Whether ocean creatures confuse large pieces of plastic or microplastics with a food source doesn’t matter. The consequences are devastating.

10 million single-use plastic bottles

did not end up in the sea during our cooperations dedicated work.

100,000 kilograms

less plastic in the sea = 1 year partnership

We are taking on our ecological and social responsibility, and supporting Plastic Bank with an annual payment. The amount of plastic waste that can be exchanged for everyday essentials for this payment is three times the amount of plastic Aquasale uses in its packaging. That means a pinch of vacation feeling tastes twice as good.

Environmentally-friendly packaging strategies are key, as is supporting projects focused on protecting the ocean. Many global regions lack the infrastructure needed to collect and recycle plastics. What’s more, most of these countries are also characterized by great poverty. Because of this, projects focused on changing both of these realities are especially valuable. This is the idea behind Plastic Bank. This Canadian-based social enterprise is making plastic into a currency: It allows plastic waste to be collected and redeemed for everyday essentials in vulnerable regions. This relieves poverty and prevents even more plastic from getting into the world’s oceans,a win-win for both people and the environment.

Here you can find more information about the cooperation.

CEO of Plastic Bank speaks about the problem

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There may not be as many different certifications out there as there are grains of sand in the sea, but there certainly are a lot to choose from. Check out the following link to see which certifications Aquasale has achieved:

ISO 14001

(Certificate of an environmental management system in accordance with standard ISO 14001)

ISO 50001

(Certificate of an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001)