Our Mediterranean Salts

Coarse Sea Salt in the Can Untreated sea salt crystals for salt grinder or mortar, 250 g can

Coarse Sea Salt in the Can

Sunny prospects? Just refill.

Do you also know that? All too seldom there is an opportunity to take the good-looking mortar from the window sill in the kitchen and crunch delicious ingredients such as the coarse Aquasale natural crystals. This sea salt is perfectly suitable for this purpose. The handy can is a dream to refill the Aquasale grinder. No matter whether using the mortar or the grinder – the sun will rise during dinner latest.

How would a coarse Aquasale salt crystal possibly describe itself in an online dating service? Probably that way: I come from the deeper layers of the of the southern salt gardens. I am a genuine product of nature, dried by sun and wind, untreated and free from additives and available for any spontaneous treat. With me you can experience Mediterranean serenity!

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